Interview: Michel van Dartel (V2_) on smart cities

What will our future city look like? While looking for answers, we should not let ourselves be blinded by the potential of new technology, Michel van Dartel from V2_Lab argues. ‘It’s very important to first decide what societal issues we would like them to solve.'   ‘I

Ermi van Oers and her Living Light

Us being unable to find a way to live in harmony with nature, will eventually destroy our planet. This is Rotterdam designer Ermi van Oers’ strong conviction. To change the odds she invented Living Light, a lamp powered by plants.   Her small office near Rotterdam Marconiplein

Can tech construct a better you?

Teun Vonk believes that technology can help us to fully utilize our physical capabilities. Since getting there will take some time, he subjects his own body to all kinds of wild experiments. His latest artwork will be premiered at STRP Biennale 2019.   In a short movie